This is the Reason Why I No Longer Trust Physical Beauty on Makeup- Man Reacts to a Lady on Makeup

Sometimes I begin to imagine how life was in the stone age when there were no form of aesthetics as we do have now. When the ladies dwelled mostly on the crude ones that they had, how they were able to beauty their faces with makeups as they do now? The deception that goes with makeup now has even become scaring as one can\’t say exactly how someone is. You see someone, you fall for the person, you both get to know each other and boom one day, you find out that the person you knew with a particular face that probably made you fall for her, isn\’t the person anymore. As a lady, how would you feel if your man says he isn\’t interested in you anymore because he was probably deceived by your facial appearance? It will hurt right?

I understand everyone wants to look beautiful but there are boundaries to this. There\’s one you will do and it will be considered an act of deceit for obviously, the person it turned you into isn\’t the real you and how can you be expecting one to love, care and cherish you the way you are when you aren\’t even proud of yourself naturally?
Some photos shared online has been causing several reactions as people especially the men tend to voice their anger on it. It shows a lady that was transformed into some kind of goddess by a makeup which led to a man amongst others, saying it is the main reason why he no longer trusts physical beauty on makeup.
See below:
it\’s good to look beautiful and lovely but too much of it all is bad. Learn to love yourself more !


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