I Don’t Want Your Tattoo, Buy Me Range Rover’ – Lilian Afegbai To Fans (VIDEO)

Nigerian actress and reality TV star, Lilian Afegbai has shared her view on the whole fan love expression by way of tattooing people’s name or image on their body.

In a recent video she posted on her Youtube channel, Lilian Afegbai said there is nothing wrong doing a tattoo on the body but one must know that it is forever so when one tattoos someone on their body they must be sure that they are forever going to love them.

However, she said that personally she does not want a fan to tattoo her image or name on her body to show how much they love her but instead of tattoo she prefers a Range Rover gift from them.

“For me, l don’t want you to tattoo me on your body, buy me Range Roger. You think we don’t want a Range Roger? That’s what we want. Don’t tattoo me.

You can do that to anyone else but no me. Instead of tattooing me on your body, just send me Range Roger or G-wagon,” she said.