‘Ladies, Change Your Black BRA Today And Let It Rest’ – Actress Kemi Taofeek Cries Out

Sensational Nigerian actress, Kemi Taofeek has reached to ladies who wear black bras in a recent post on social media.

Taking to her Instagram page, Kemi Taofeek urged her fellow ladies who own black bras to change it and wear a different bra with a different color so that their black bra can rest.

In her words;

Please change that black bra today as I just changed mine so I say let me inform you too oo… Let that black bra rest and maybe have a new fitting when next you want to wear it.

Buy another sweet bra today and maybe in another lovely colour sef… I tell you, there are other sweet bra colours ooo… We just don’t wanna pay attention to them… Nobody should come for me, please… Who is on this table with me?