Peter Okoye Vows Never To Speak About Any Issue Online After Being Called A Fool Over This

Peter Okoye of Psquare defunct music group has vowed never to speak about any issue online after being called a fool over some comments he made about tribalism.

That comment of his asking for peace and one Nigeria has done him more harm than good as he has been insulted a lot for being a hypocrite calling for peace when he’s still having problems with his brother Paul Okoye.

Even though his tweet was made a long time ago, it appears people aren’t over it as they keep on dragging him over what he said asking what he did when the Orlu massacre happened.

Peter Okoye reacting to all the insults rained on him because of that said he’s tired and vows not to put his mouth in any issue online again as he’s zipping his mouth on every issue.

Screenshot below;