Don’t Think Our Marriage Is Made In Heaven – Charley Boy Speaks On Long-Lasting 40years Marriage

Area fada Charley Boy has dished out a piece of priceless marital advice as he talks about his over 40yrs marriage saying it’s not all rosy and no one should think their marriage is made in heaven.

According to him, no one should think that the fact that he and his wife have been able to maintain their marriage for over 40yrs now means it’s made from heaven as they have their own ups and downs.

Charley Boy in his post said some people think marriage is moimoi forgetting that not everyone God created will marry as he swims many rivers for the 40yrs of marriage that he’s enjoying with his wife now.

Adding that his marriage has been through hell many times over and they are still patching things over as it’s still leaking since they have issues and problems but are not for public consumption and they disagree on a lot of things as well.

But the only thing that they both basically agree on is never to give up on each other as they both have agreed to die in their marriage and that is how he has been able to keep his marriage for over 40yrs now and still counting.

Charley Boy recently divorced his wife and married her again to strengthen their bond as a married couple and as he rightly said, no one should think for a minute that their marriage is made from heaven because they have their own problems and not everyone God created will ever be married.