I Lost My Memory Because Of Depression – Actress Adunni Ade Shares Story

Well-known Nigerian actress Adunni Ade has shared her sad story about her health issues and how she lost her memory in a recent interview.

In an interview with Chude on #WuthChude, Adunni disclosed how she went through depression and how she lost her memory in the quest to heal from her depressed self. Adunni Ade shared the sad story of how she became disappointed when she decided to move in with her mother in order to make up for the lost time but she ended up hurting herself.

According to Adunni, she suffered a breakdown and went through depression that she had to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. She disclosed that the medications and drugs also came along with some side effects.

“The depression was so intense that I had to sue a tablet that had to be placed under my tongue so it could dissolve immediately. They did calm my nerves but the side effect was I was begging to lose my memory so I had to wean myself off them and start afresh” she said.

“I remember more hurt than I remember of happiness, growing up. When I moved out of Nigeria and moved in with my mum after secondary school, I didn’t realize the damage her not being around had caused. I just did not feel the love and care that I ought to. I began to ask myself, is there God? Why do I have to endure so much hurt?” she stated.