Mercy Eke finally opens up on snatching footballer Samuel Aaron from his wife

Newsnownaija had earlier reported that controversial Instagram blogger Gislovers alleged that Mercy Eke had a one night stand for money with Samuel Aaron but decided to continued sleeping with him because of the money she is getting from him.

According to the blogger, Samuel Aaron’s wife caught them in the act and decided to leave the marriage. However, in a chat with Nigerian journalist Stella Dimorkokus, Mercy regarded the reports as ridiculous.

In her words: ”Whoever is behind this pack of lies will never know peace since this person does not want to let me rest. If it is true I am guilty, may i never know peace or anything good come to me but if i am innocent, whoever is behind this is doomed and will never know peace. What is my business with him? I know him but have nothing romantic with him”.

He is a ‘boy’ to someone i know and i can never stoop that low. Please i don’t f*ck small boys, I don’t have anything to do with small boys. I really didn’t want to address this but since you called me i have no choice but to respond to your questions. Thank you for reaching out,”.