Daddy Freeze Urges Nigerian Pastors To Offer Condolence Message To TB Joshua’s Family

Media personality Daddy Freeze has urged Nigerian pastors to let love lead and send a condolence message to the family of the late pastor TB Joshua.

According to Daddy Freeze, it won’t be a bad idea if all Nigerian pastors offered a condolence message to the family and congregation of the late pastor TB Joshua even if they were aching enemies that couldn’t stand each other.

Most Nigerian pastors are yet to offer their condolence to the family of the late TB Joshua and some people are calling on them to put aside every misunderstanding they had with him and mourn with the family and Daddy Freeze has added his voice.

Daddy Freeze went further to state that we should all live in love and even if we disagree, we should disagree in love therefore all Nigerian pastors should live in love and send their condolence message to the family of TB Joshua.

Daddy Freeze is right as no matter what the difference these Nigerian pastors had with TB Joshua when he was alive, sending a condolence message to the family and his congregation won’t take anything away from them but rather make them earn some respect.

Sharing his view on the Ugandan pastor who was jubilating over the death of TB Joshua, Daddy Freeze asked whether that is what the bible teaches us Christians to do and mock the predicament of others who are in pain.

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