“Don’t Let Me Regret This Marriage” – Bride Warns Groom During Their Wedding (VIDEO)

Wedding guests burst into laughter after the bride issued a stern warning to the groom during their wedding ceremony in Nigeria.

The unidentified couple were dressed in their respective bridal and groom outfits had exchanged vows and after that session was done, the bride jovially told her wedded husband to open his ears wide so he can hear her message well.

A video sighted on social media captured the bride warning the groom not to do anything that will make her regret marrying him else she will go crazy and the groom including the guests laughed.

“Hold your ears. Hold your ears!! You see this marriage me and you are doing today no let me regret am. No let me regret am ooo. I dey warn you. If not, you will see crazy”, she warned the groom.

Watch the video below;