Photos Of Seyi Shay Flaunting Her Skin And Nyash After Being Insulted By Tiwa Savage

Photos of artist Seyi Shay flaunting her skin and nyash after Tiwa Savage insulted her of having the dirtiest nyash in the industry has hit the net and fans are loving what they see.

Tiwa Savage in her banter with Seyi Shay insulted her for having the dirtiest nyash in the whole industry and these photos of Seyi Shay flaunting her skin and nyash is supposedly to prove Tiwa Savage wrong and that she has beautiful skin and nyash as well.

The photo of Seyi Shay shows her thigh and legs and some part of her nyash which isn’t so clear but one could say she has very good skin based on the photos shared and if only she hasn’t used a filter or edited the photos to look good.

Some netizens are already loving what they see as some claimed they would choose Seyi Shay over Tiwa Savage at any moment with reasons best known to them but this photo of Seyi Shay indeed proves Tiwa Savage wrong for saying her skin isn’t fine and she has the dirtiest nyash in the Industry.

Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage have been fighting each other silently and are harboring a lot of things inside themselves but a few days ago, they all let things off their chest and Seyi Shay accused Tiwa Savage of attacking and spoiling her name at any given opportunity.

Photo below;