246 Cows And Counting – Obi Cubana Receives More Cows From Friends Ahead Of Mother’s Funeral

Obi Cubana, a well-known Nigerian businessman continues to receive more cows from his friends as part of the preparation towards his mother’s funeral this weekend.

Reports gathered suggested Obi Cubana has received 246 cows from his friends in preparation for his mother’s funeral so far.

Mrs Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu, Obi’s mother, died in December 2020 at the age of 78, and Obi is set to give her a proper burial this weekend in Oba, Anambra state.

Friends of the popular Cabana Group chairman and owner have sent in gifts to encourage Obi, who has received a total of 246 cows thus far.

Cubanna Chief priest, a former employee, sent 46 cows, and Jowi Zaza, a young Nigerian billionaire, sent ten cows, to name a few.

In Instagram follower @cherie_melody wrote, “Na to kukuma start cow business”.

@sweetuche wrote, “He surrounded himself with good friends, more people like me, Emoney, Henry, Zenco etc are yet to bring in our own cows”.

@dietempire.ng wrote, “Wow money and good friends ”.

@stylish_glimpse wrote, “They should share full cow each to every villagers ”.

@iam_sexydjhoney, “Una go chop meat Una go tire”.