Bolanle That Everyone Dey Manage You Marry Am, Now You Chop Breakfast – Barry Jhay reacts to video vixen, Bolanle’s marriage crash [Video]

Nigerian singer Barry Jhay has reacted to the collapse of Bolanle’s marriage blaming the estranged husband for causing that himself by marrying her.

Barry Jhay making fun of the whole situation said Bolanle was managed by everyone but when it got to Lincon’s turn, he runs to marry her, and now that he has chop breakfast he’s complaining about her.

Bolanle has been sent packing by her estranged husband over alleged domestic violence and has also called her out severally on social media accusing her of beating him and that is why he has ended their 6 monthly old marriage.

The estranged husband of Bolanle also revealed that he only married her for clout and has a good wife in South Africa but then he feels so hurt with whatever Bolanle did to him and since then has been ranting on social media.

Singer Barry Jhay reacting to that made fun of him saying the Bolanle that everyone has been managing, when it got to his turn he married her and now has chop breakfast and he’s complaining about it.

Some netizens reacting to the video of Barry Jhay said what he said is disrespectful toward Bolanle because she’s still married to the guy and saying something like that about a woman isn’t funny as some people see it.

video below;