Mr Macaroni Falls In Love With The Huge Backside Of Hajia Bintu – Says Its Fantabulous [Video]

Instagram Comedian Mr Macaroni seems to have fallen in love with the gigantic backside of Ghana’s Hajia Bintu saying she looks fantabulous as he comment on her photo.

The Tik Tok star Hajia Bintu shared a photo of herself showing off her gigantic backside and Mr Macaroni was left speechless upon seeing it saying it is fantabulous looking at how huge and amazing she looks with her backside.

Hajia Binyu is known across Ghana and now has crossed the borders to Nigeria because of Mr Macaroni who seems speechless after seeing her beauty and backside and now all eyes are going to be on her and might even go to Nigeria.

We all know Mr Macaroni loves making skits out of trending issues and now that he seems to have fallen in love with the huge backside of Hajia Bintu, it won’t be surprising if he invites her over to shoot a skit as he always does and we guess Haija Binti won’t say no to that.

Most of our stars want to penetrate into the Nigerian market and that opportunity seems to have arrived for our Tik Tok star Hajia Bintu now that Mr Macaroni is going to let all eyes be on her because of his comment on her photos.

Screenshot below;