Nollywood actres Chacha Eke Confuses Fans After Celebrating Her 34th And 35th Birthday At Once

Actress Chacha Eke Faani has got fans confused as she celebrates her 34th and 35th birthday at once making them wonder what her real age is.

A few days ago Chaha Eke celebrated her birthday and in most of the videos she shared on Instagram she claimed to be 34yrs old but in another, she wrote 35ys and that got some fans wondering her exact age.

To some, Chaha Eke is lying about her age of being 34 but to others, they think it’s a typing mistake as she was writing 34 and went to write 35 as they believe she’s 34yrs as she claims in most of the videos she shared on Instagram.


It could be possible as some fans think that it’s a typo that she ended up writing 35 but knowing how some of these female celebs like growing backwards without telling their real age, some people still doubt if indeed she’s 34.

Knowing Chacha Eke’s real age won’t add anything to anyone’s life but some of these entitled netizens think she needs to be real with them and tell them her real age rather than lying to be 34yrs when she’s not.

screenshot below;