5 People Who Got Into The Guinness Book Of Record Because Of Their Unusual Hair Growth

Just as so many people live an extraordinary life by building their bodies and undergoing mind-blowing exercises to attain a world record, there are also so many people who became Guinness World Record Holders because of their hair.

This article features 5 popular people who became Guinness World Record Holders because of their strange hair growth.

1. Lady With The Widest Wig

A popular Hollywood actress and model, Drew Barrymore from the USA, appeared on set on 27 January 2017 with a humongous hairpiece measuring 2.23 m (7 ft 4 Inches) in wide. The wig was made by Kelly Hanson and Randy Cartagno. It took four people to place the wig on the actress Drew’s hair before she stepped on stage.

2. The Youngest Female With A Full Beard

Harnaam Kaur is from the United Kingdom (UK) and she holds the world record for the youngest female with a full beard. Her beard which covers her sideburns was confirmed in September 2015.

Her beard is an unsual one as Guinness World Record reports that her facial hair is caused by a hormonal imbalance owing to polycystic ovary syndrome.

3. Longest Beard Ever On A Male

Sarwan Singh is a leader of a congregation of the Guru Nanal Sikh temple in British Columbia, Canada. He currently holds the world record for the male with the longest beard 2.495 m (8 ft and 2 Inc).

4. Longest hair of a Teenager

Nilanshi Patel holds the record for the longest teenage hair when she was 16 years old before she turned 18. Nilanshi started growing her hair at the age of six and she had it cut off after 12 years of growth. Before her hair was cut off, she grew it to a length of 200cm (6 ft and 6.7 inches).

5. Tallest Full Mohican Mohawk

Joseph Garisamore is currently the world record holder of the tallest Mohawk from the USA. His hair measures 1.08m and 42.5 Inches in length. Joseph revealed that it doesn’t require much to maintain his hair, and it can easily be spotted from a distance.