5 Fruits We Enjoyed During Our Childhood but Don’t Know Their Names. No. 1 Is Still Called Fruit

IAs a child in Nigeria during the 19s, we really enjoyed ourselves. Our childhood was filled with great memories that are worth remembering.


One of the memories are fruits that we ate then. We could risk being flogged just to go and pick some fruits. We could go deep into the forest to pluck the fruits. We could risk coming to school late because we are packing fruits for our and friends.


Here is the list of the fruits I could remember:

1. Fruits

It seems every school in Nigeria have this tree. one special thing about the tree is that it is big and offers shade on the students/pupils. Most will use it as assembly ground.


We grew up calling it fruits but that’s not the real name, it called Almond fruit. Some parts of Nigeria especially Benin people call it Ebellebor. (Hope you don learn this one)


2. Black Velvet Tamarind


This fruit is very sweet. It is mostly found inside the bush. It is known by different names in Nigeria.

In Pidgin, it is called “lickilicki”, in igbo, it is called mgbachelekwu or chelekwu, Amugen in Benin, Awin in Yoruba, Baking Ido or Tsamiyan biri in Hausa, Atsito in ewe, ikhionmehen in Esan Oye, Apoche in Nsukka.

Tell me what you call it in your tribe!


3. Cherry fruits


They looks like berry. There are sweet ones and sour ones. It is gotten from a flower. Some call it Pitanga or Bitanga fruits. I didn’t see this that often


4. Cashew


The fluid from cashew can spoil your school uniform with their forever stain. Funny enough, we called “car shoe” no the original name. Mostly you will see a plantation in the forest full with cashew trees. The nut is then roasted for eating.


5. Shower shop


It is not shower shop ooo, it’s called sour sop. Even older persons still make this mistake. The fruit is not always that available.


Finally, there is this one I couldn’t write because I don’t know the exact name for it. It is succulent and sweet.


I have eaten several times, I call it Nigeria apple. Someone should help out here!!!

Which other fruits do you remember?