Check Out 10 Major Achievements Of 10-Year Old Comedian Emmanuella Within 5 Years

Check Out 10 Major Achievements Of 10-Year Old Comedian Emmanuella Within 5 Years

See the 10 Major Achievements Of Emmanuella

1. She won G-Influenfer Niger Delta Award in 2015.

2. CNN Featured her “This is not my real face oh” Kit on their Facebook page in 2016.

3. She was crowned ” The princess of comedy in Australia in 2016.

4. She became the ” Youngest Recipients of the Afro-Australia music & Movie Awards (AAMMA) in 2016.

5. Emmanuella broke a record with one million YouTube subscribers in 2017.

6. She landed a role in Disney Film in 2018.

7. Bukola Saraki (former Senate President) invited Emmanuella to the National Assembly in 2018.

8. Emmanuella and Mark Angel comedy became the top paid Nigerian YouTuber in 2019.

9. Emmanuella became the 3rd Richest kid in Ngeria in 2020.

10. Emmanuella builds a house for her mother in 2020.


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