If you catch this insect alive, you can actually Become Rich. It could be sold for 32M Naira($85000)

Not all insects are the same. Some are diamonds and some are just charcoals. Stag beetles are one of the most valuable and spectacular insects in the world. They spend most of their life underground…
they are quite harmless and are fun to watch. With an estimated life span of 7 years, the male stag beetle, unlike the female, is a prized possession, a big fortune to many.

Futhermore, male stag beetles seem to have big antlers. They have over-sized mandibles, used in courtship displays and to fight other male beetles, and tend to be seen flying at dusk in the summer looking for a mate, while female beetles are smaller at between 30-50mm long, with smaller mandibles. They are often seen on the ground searching for somewhere to lay their eggs.

According to Nedret Avcı, the head of Bilecik Municipality’s Veterinary Department, the male stag beetle, which has six antennas, can find buyers in Japan, where they are sold as pets and for collections for as much as $80,000 – $150,000(around N35,000,000 to N150,000,000). It is indeed a very valuable specie, also bought and sold in Germany.

Consequently, capturing the stag beetle alive could make you a very rich person. However, it is rare and difficult to spot one. So, happy hunting! Seen it before? Ever thought something as “tiny” as this, would be that expensive? Do you doubt this fact? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and check out the sources below.




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