2 Nollywood Actors That Have Been Rumored To Be Related To Uju Okoli Since She Became Famous

There’s a reason why gossip blogs have become so popular. Many people can’t help but wonder what their favorite Nollywood stars’ real lives are like, given that they live in a world that is practically entirely different from the rest of us. That does not, however, imply that you should believe everything you read. For every true celebrity news report, there are plenty of others that are completely false. Uju Okoli, a beautiful Nollywood actress, has been engulfed in false stories since she rose to fame.

To clear things up, here are two Nollywood actors who many people mistakenly believe are related to her, but this is completely false.

1. Francis Okoli

Many people have made the mistake of assuming that Nollywood stars Francis Okoli and Uju Okoli are siblings, but they are not related in any way.

Francis Okoli is from Okpeze, Anambra State, while Uju Okoli is from Akokwa, Imo State. Uju Okoli has only one older brother who is also an actor. Tony White Okoli is his name.

(Tony White Okoli and Uju Okoli)

2. Obi Okoli

Since Uju Okoli’s rise to fame, many fans have wrongly believed that Obi Okoli is her father, which is untrue. Uju Okoli and Obi Okoli’s only connection is that they are both Nollywood actors who have played the roles of father and daughter in movies. Even though they share a surname, they are not related in any way.

Tony Okoli, Uju Okoli’s elder brother, once stated to the public that Obi Okoli was not their father, but people keep making the mistake. He once shared a photo of their biological parents and stated:

“To all of you arguing over our father and parents, it surprises me at times when people still argue with me over this telling me I’m denying my father, I bring to u all our parents. I’m so proud of my father and mother,”

” I can never deny them, even though Obi Okoli bears the same surname with us doesn’t make him our father, we are from IMO state, Akokwa precisely, Obi Okoli is from nsukka. So pls take note.”

(Uju Okoli’s biological parents)

That’s all there is to it. If you were under the impression that Francis Okoli was Uju Okoli’s sister or that Obi Okoli was Uju Okoli’s father, I hope you now know the truth.