3 Gospel Singers That Continued Singing Gospel Songs Despite Being Criticized Over Their Lifestyle

Many popular gospel singers have been heavily criticized on social media platforms over their lifestyle and the type of music they sing.

According to most people, their lifestyle doesn’t match the type of music they write and sing. However, despite the criticism, some of them still don’t care rather, they ignored and continued singing gospel songs.

With that, in this article, I will be sharing with you 3 gospel singers that have continued singing gospel songs despite being criticized for their lifestyle.

1. Flavour is a multi-talented Nigerian singer who sings secular songs and gospel songs as well.

He has been heavily criticized on social media over how he mixes both genres of music at the same time in his career.

According to gospel fans, the type of lifestyle Flavour lives doesn’t match his music. The music start is heavily tattooed, keeps dreadlocks, and bares his body on social media.

Despite the criticism, Flavour has continued making gospel songs especially with his adopted son, Semah G Weifur.

2. Babeth Lando is a popular Congolese gospel singer and fitness coach who has been heavily criticized on social media because of the types of outfits she wears and posts the photos online.

Babeth wears outfits like swimwear which shows her backside, flat stomach, and chest which most of her gospel fans find improper.

However, despite the criticism, she still makes her music and continued showing off her body to her potential customers who would like her to be their health coach.

3. Masterpiece King is a popular Kenyan gospel singer who has been criticized for his kind of lifestyle on social media.

The young gospel singer loves to flaunt his tattoos, multiple colored hairstyles and braids, and hip-hop-looking dressing.

Despite the criticism concerning his dressing, hairstyle, tattoos, and many other things, he has given deaf ears to the criticism and continued making gospel songs as his life career.