3 Things Omotola Did To Make Her Marriage Strong And Healthy

Omotola Jalade is one of the brightest actresses in Nollywood, her beauty and body curves have attracted lots of male admirers who are interested in having a serious relationship with her.

The beautiful actress has been married for a decade and blessed with four beautiful children. Sexy actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is a success story, especially in an area where some of her colleagues have failed miserably (matrimonial department). She is one of the few actresses who have managed their home successfully. Despite the pressure from male admirers, she has balanced her work with family to keep her home stable and healthy.

There are things the beautiful actress has sacrificed that made her a happy wife. However, I will share with you three things she had sacrificed for the success of her marriage.

1. Distractions from male admirers.

In an interview published in Vanguardnr, the beautiful actress said she had received gifts from men who ran after her, but she doesn’t give anything in return. Her words are as follows, “I always tell them that I am married and would not compromise my marital vows.”

She claimed she take her marriage seriously as she is blessed with a husband who appreciates what she does and supports her career.

2. Personality Differences

Omotola uses her marriage to Capt. Tunde Ekeinde to teach other married couples how to compromise their personalities differences to complement their partners. In an interview published in Pulse, she said she knows who she is; she is a very confident person, so is her husband. She said they can stand on their own. Quoting her right, she said, We can both stand on our own. We know that we coming together is to complement each other. I don’t need you, you don’t need me”. “So it’s not like I’m depending on you or you’re depending on me and we respect each other’s space and each other’s minds.”

#3. Her movie role

Despite being married, Omotola still features in movies, where she plays romantic roles. According to a post on Nairaland, she talked about how her husband perceives her se,x scene in the movie, Alter Ego. Some of the sex scenes in the movie she is featured in were downplayed because she is married.


She claims to talk to her husband before taking romantic roles in movies. According to her, her husband understands her and wants her to be a professional actress, he too wants to be convinced that she played a sex scene because it was necessary.

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