4 Female Nigerian Comedians That Are Making Waves On Social Media (Photos)

Without a doubt, social media has become a place where so many people show off their talents and crafts. This includes Nigerian celebrities. Currently, a lot of Nigerian women have dived into comedy, and they are gradually becoming more popular every day.


Below are some female Nigerian comedians who are currently making waves on social media platforms.


1. Mummy Wa

Kemi Ikuseedun, popularly known as Mummy Wa, is one of the most popular comedians on social media. She is beautiful, talented, and an established model. She became popular due to her role in Mr. Macoroni’s comedy skits, in which she plays the role of his wife.


2. Ada Jesus

Ada Jesus, whose real name is Chinonso Ukah, has definitely built a very large fan base on social media. Playing the role of an old woman in her comedy skits has made her more popular than any other female comedian in Nigeria. Ada Jesus is among the most successful comedians in the entertainment industry.


3. Mama Maraji


Mama Maraji, whose real name is Gloria Oloruntobi, is a social media content creator, comedian, and video vixen. Just like Ada Jesus, she often plays the role of an old woman in most of her comedy skits. Mama Maraji comes from Edo State, Nigeria. She has a very active fan base on social media.


4. Taaooma

Taaooma, whose real name is Maryam Apaokagi, is a social media comedian and brand influencer. She started making comedy skits six years ago and has evolved into one of the best content creators on social media. The beautiful young lady is currently 22 years old but has built a reputation for herself in the entertainment industry.