4 Lessons Nigerian Couples Should Learn as ChaCha Ekeh’s Announces Divorce After 7yrs of Marriage

The news that filtered the internet yesterday morning was the video posted in Instagram on the personalized story about the separation of 7-year-old wedding from film director Austin Fani Ikechukwu by the famous Nollywood actress Chacha Eke-Faani.

She is the lovely daughter of the former education commissioner in the Ebonyi State for some of the people who didn’t have Chacha.


In 2013 she married her beautiful wife, Austin Faani and three of them; two girls and a boy were blessed with the Marriage.

These couples were serving us every day in our marriages, but nobody knew about paradise issues.

Chacha may have squeezed us, but many of us were too blind to get an indication.


Next, all make-up stopped and it began normal. This was a person who relies more on makeup so it will certainly be set as an actress.

She then began the process of weight loss. For one who was never fat, weight loss. She had already fallen three kids and she still looked so lovely that she was losing on the earth? That is to tell you that she wanted a way out of her tribulous marriage to breathe fresh air.

The height of the release of the video was. Sweet, she is now prepared to part with her jacket for reasons best known to her after she has seven years of marriage. I think all Nigerian couples out there should be a great lesson.

Lessons to learn from their separation

1. Know when to back out: I would like to say this to you free of charge, divorce is better than death. For women, marriage is not a door-to-the-die company. I didn’t say you shouldn’t, but if anything comes out, particularly if it’s harmful to your mental health, then please know when to go back.

I conclude that if one person benefits and the other person dies quietly, it’s better to keep separated. Don’t murder yourself for anyone.

2. Open up to someone when things are not going right. We were told that marriage is between two people who were married to one. Your union is a crowd of the next / third person. Logically, they are right, but, please drop the story and open up to people when things go haywire. You get help when you speak about it. The psychological problem is true.

3. Know your deal breaker

See, there’s still signals. You can not accept the thing, but avoid it from the beginning. If you assume that he can change, honey, you are wrong, but that he needs to change BY HIMSELF.

4. Be intentional with your happiness.

I know you should be sacrificial in marriage and all of them, but I want to say from now on that I can use the same energy in love. Provide yourself with compassion, care, appreciation and all of your affections. Don’t be burdened by the responsibility of making someone happy.

I hope from this article you have learned something. Do you agree that Divorce her husband is a good idea for Chacha Ekeh?

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