4 Musicians Who Quit Music and Completely Changed Careers (Photos)

Some of the talented musicians who made waves in the music industry, are no longer active in the industry for certain reasons.

However, I have put together some local and international individuals who quit music and completely changed careers.

• In 2010, popular Nigerian singer and record producer, Kaz, introduced a new sound into the Nigerian music scene with his hit song, ‘Fi Mi Le.’

The song became a hit after it was released, as many Nigerians vibe to the song. The single was nominated for multiple awards.

Despite being famous in the music industry, he quite his music career to answer God’s call. Today, he is a pastor.

• Genevieve Nwadinma Ogbuewu popularly known by her stage name as Splash is a famous Nigerian rapper and songwriter. She is very beautiful, gifted, skillful, creative and talented, she has released multiple songs that made waves in the music industry.

Some of her hit songs include; Church Agbasa, Ego uwa, Agege, Obim among others.

Splash left the music industry to focus on her career as model, she is currently a beauty model and fashion model who has worked with multiple brands.

• Cindy Birdsong is one of the famous pop singers who made waves in the ’90s. She started her music career as a pop singer with singers like Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles. They formed a R&B group known as Supremes.

Initially, she wanted to become a practicing nurse before she became famous in the music industry. She finally fulfilled her ambition by working at UCLA Medical Center after leaving the group.

• Famous DJ, Norman Rogers popularly known as Terminator X worked with influential rap group, Public Enemy.

After working in the entertainment industry for some years, he decided to retire from the music scene in 2003 to run an ostrich stud farm in North Carolina.

Which of the individuals so you miss the most in the music industry?