4 Successful Yoruba Actresses Who Followed Their Parents Footsteps In The Movie industry (Photos)

Without a doubt, it is every parent’s wish to see their children walking down the path to their success. In the movie industry, it is very common for a child of a popular actor or actress to embark on the profession that paved the way for their parents. And 99 percent of these people have outperformed the achievements of their parents, particularly in the Yoruba-Nollywood film industry.

Below are some Yoruba actresses who took after their parents’ professions in the movie industry.


1. Mide Martins

Mide Martins is a very popular Nigerian actress and movie producer. Mide Martins joined the movie industry after her mom, Funmi Martins, passed away in 2002. Before her death, Funmi Martins was one of the most successful actresses in the 1990s. To maintain her mother’s legacy, Mide Martins ventured into the movie industry and became a successful actress.


2. Sola Kosoko


Sola Kosoko is a very talented and successful Yoruba Nollywood actress. She is the daughter of Prince Jide Kosoko, a well-known veteran actor in the movie industry. Since Sola decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, she has successfully acted in more than 50 movies. She is currently one of the most successful actresses in the Nigerian movie industry.


3. Laide Bakare

Laide Bakare is a popular Yoruba actress and movie producer. However, a lot of people don’t know that she is the daughter of a popular actor, Olumide Bakare, who passed away in 2017. Interestingly, she was able to continue her father’s legacy in the movie industry.


4. Bidemi Kosoko

Bidemi Kosoko is one of the most beautiful Yoruba Nollywood actresses. Bidemi Kosoko, who is also a movie producer, is the second daughter of veteran actor, Prince Jide Kosoko. Having 2 beautiful and talented daughters in the movie industry shows that talent truly runs in the family of Jide Kosoko. Bidemi Kosoko’s acting skills have earned her several awards and nominations.