5 Nollywood Celebrities Who Mysteriously Died Before Turning 40 Years

In this waking world, humans are destined for only two things, waking up to life or dead. Death always comes as a surprises because, nobody knows when it will be his or her turn to pass on to eternity.

The destiny of death hangs around the neck of all, rich or poor, famous or unknown.

Sadly, we are here to list 4 Nigerian celebrites who died before turning the age of 40.

Muna Obiekwe

He was one of the most loved and talented Nigerian Actor in Nollywood. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 36.

It was after his death that people got to know he was a chain smoker and died of kidney disease in 2015.

It was reported that, he died poor after all the glam and money he enjoyed as a star because he spent all his money to cure his disease.

Nelson Gold

Nelson Gold was one of the most promising actors in Nollywood before he died in 2018.

He was only 22 years. His death was most shocked among the rest because, he died just 10 days after celebrating his 22nd birthday.

He died on a movie set after he fainted whiles shooting. After rushing him to the hospital, ti eas too late to safe his precious life.

Bisi Komolafe

A film director and producer in Nollywood. She also acted in some few movies too.

Bisi Komolafe died of pregnancy complication at age 27 years old.

He well know moviews are Aramotu and Igboro Ti Daru

Okwy Chukwujekwu

Popular known as “Main Bossman died at the age of 27 years old.

According to his autopsy report, it eas showed that his death was caused by asthmatic attack.

Olamide David

Most promising and award winning Nolywood child actor Olamide David died in January 2018.

He was only 14 years old.

The cause of his death was however not revealed to the public.

As we have began 2021, we pray such unfortunate life experiences does not happen to us or our talented celebriesties in Nollywood.