5 Things Omah Lay Did In Nigerian Music Industry In 2020 That Should Never Be Forgotten

Nigerian most promising young talented singer Omah Lay has duly added his quota to the Nigerian Music Industry in the year 2020.

Making his international debut under the year, the 23-year-old Omah Lay did, and achieved a lot in the music fraternity and we hereby make it our undertaken to print the things he did in the Nigerian Music Industry in 2020 that needs recognition and which should never be forgotten.

1 Apple Music Africa Rising Artist Showcase Star Cover

Singer Omah Lay printed a glimpse of young Nigeria music talents in the minds of world wide music fans especially Africa Music enthusiasts.

When Apple Music was launching their Africa Rising Artist Showcase, there was no other talent they found fit for the cover of the project other than Omah Lay to be the project’s debut cover album.

2 Billboard Top Thriller Global

Released in November, 2020, Godly has been on No. #15 on Billboard Top Thriller Global Chart for 4 consecutive weeks.

3. Released 2 EP

Omah Lay proved in 2020 that although, he may look young and he’s just 23 but he’s well groomed, to maturity and his talent is in the cloud 9.

He released 2 EP which wer both successful and a global hits.

His first EP “Get Layd” was released in May 2020 which had 5 songs on it.

His second EP was released in November, 2020 and called it “What Have We Done“

4. More Records Release

Omah Lay performed tremendously well in 2020 that he deserve to be remembered forever in case he decides to end his music career and pursue other venture businesses.

Omah Lay released for than 10 songs just in 2020 which include Godly, My Bebe, Confession etc.

5 Most Trending Artist

With his 2 EPs with singles which were no fluck, Omah Lay stayed on top of the Nigeriant Artists who enjoyed most played songs in 2020.

His song” Godly” stayed most played song in Nigeria for 4 consecutive weeks in 2020.

With these records set by the young talent, Omah Lay has mark his name and registered his name in the book of Nigerian music genius.