5 Ways To Approach A Girl On The Road Without Being Rejected.

Some guys complain about not being able to approach a girl on the road because they don’t know how to go about it. Most guys don’t even know what to tell a girl if they eventually approach her and of you are one of such guys, this article is definitely for you because I will tell you 5 good ways to go about it.

1. Make Sure You Put On An Attractive Smile When Approaching A Girl.


When you do so, she will feel comfortable around you but if you are frowning, she might feel unsafe or threatened.

2. Dress Well And Responsibly.


You should be well dressed like a gentleman. You can’t be dressed like a thug or a tout and expect a girl to give you her attention when you approach her.

3. Don’t Hold Her Hands.


Some guys are fond of doing this and it’s very wrong. How can you hold the hands of a girl you’ve never met before simply because you want to talk to her. It’s rude and arrogant of you.

4. Compliment The Way She’s Dressed.

Women love it when they are complimented. Tell her you love her outfit, her sandals or even her hair. She won’t be able to help it but smile and with that, you’ve gotten her attention.

5. Don’t Ask Her Too Many Questions.

The only question you can ask her is her name. Don’t start asking her what she does for a living, her age, where she lives, how many guys she has dated, where she sees herself in 10 years and so on. Those questions shouldn’t be asked on a first approach.



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