7 Gospel Singers That Got Criticized Because Of Their Dressing, Tattoos & Hairstyle

Many gospel singers has been criticized online and most times, it’s because of their dressing, hairstyle, and the tattoos they put on their body.

Most of the criticism comes because some fans who are religious believe that those things are improper for a gospel singer although other genre singers easily do it.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 7 popular gospel singers that got criticized and the reason behind it.

1. Kambua is a popular female gospel singer who is reportedly married to a pastor and she has been criticized a lot by her fans online because of the music symbol tattoo on her shoulder.

Defending herself from the criticism online, Kambua told Kiss FM that she loves her tattoo and she got it when she was in music school. According to her, it represents what she does which is music.

2. Masterpiece King is a popular Kenyan gospel singer who has been criticized for his tattoos, different hip-hop-looking hairstyle, and dressing.

He loves to braid his hair, show off his tattoos, and lavish lifestyle online and it brings so many critical comments to him online.

Despite the criticism concerning his dressing, hairstyle, tattoos, and many other things, he has given dead ears to the criticism and continued making gospel songs as his life career.

3. Chidinma Ekile used to be a secular music singer until she dumped it for gospel a few months ago.

After her conversion to being a gospel singer, Chidinma was spotted wearing a trouser in her new Instagram photo and she received critic comments from so fans who feel it’s not right for her to wear such an outfit.

A popular Nigerian evangelist, Victor Edet also condemned the outfit she’s put on in the photo. However, Chidinma ignored everything and still focused on her new moving career as a gospel singer.

4. Travis Greene is a popular American gospel singer who makes powerful soul songs but his hairstyle didn’t go well with some fans.

Travis Greene keeps his hair curly and he tints it gold most times which has brought some critical comments to him on his media pages.

5. Babeth Lando is a popular Congolese gospel singer and fitness coach who has been heavily criticized for her dress on social media.

The young lady has appeared in clothes which include swimsuits showing off her flat tummy and curves but some fans are not happy with it.

However, people have defended her saying she is advertising her body to show the good results one can get from her being their coach.

6. Frank Edward is a popular Nigerian gospel singer who received backlash and got criticized after he showed off his new hairstyle on Instagram.

In the photo, Frank added 2 lines to his hairstyle and some people found it improper for a gospel singer. However, many others see nothing wrong with the two faded lines he added.

7. Pinela Justine is a popular Tanzania gospel singer and worshiper who has been in many clothing scandals and criticism online.

According to fans who are displeased, her dressing appears too tight which shows off her curves and it’s not presentable in church programs where she performs.

However, others feel her dressing is not bad as she wears outfits that cover her hands well and skirts that go below the knee.