7 Nigerian Actors And Actresses Whose Nicknames You Probably Didn’t Know

Ever wondered what the nicknames of your favourite celebrities are? Here is a look at some Nollywood actors and their nicknames. Much like ordinary people, celebrities also have nicknames besides their real names or stage names.

1. Destiny Etiko

Nickname: Drama Doll

The beautifully endowed Nigerian actress, Destiny Etiko is fondly referred to as “Drama Doll”. It is a nickname that she has come to accept and love over the years. She often calls herself the undiluted Drama Doll. And from the roles she plays in movies, no one actress deserves this name other than the impeccable Destiny Etiko.

2. Bolanle Ninalowo

Nickname: Makanaki

The popular Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo fondly refer to himself as Makanaki which he often shortens as Maka and hashtags in many of his social media posts.

3. Anita Joseph

Nickname: Mother Hen

This is another endowed actress with a lovely nickname. Anita Joseph calls herself the “Mother Hen”. Well, if you study her personality, you will agree with me that for sure, she can be likened to the mother hen who is also looking out for her chicks. Anita Joseph is someone who cares and takes care of everyone close to her.

4. Alex Ekubo

Nickname: “Ikuku”

Alex Ekuba calls himself “IKuku” which means “the air” in the Igbo language. The Nollywood actor is undoubtedly a very proud Igbo man.

5. Zubby Micheal

Nickname: “Eze Ndi Ala”

In 2018, Zubby Micheal starred in a blockbuster movie titled “Eze Ndi Ala”. His performance in the movie was so exceptional that his fans nicknamed him after the movie. Over the years, he has come to love and take so much pride in this nickname, which simply means “King of madness or mad people” in the Igbo language. Check out one of his attire that he printed the nickname on.

6. IK Ogbonna

Nickname: “Okosisi”

Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna is fondly referred to by his nickname, “Okosisi”. This name has many good meanings which include, talent, wisdom and many others.

7. Patience Ozokwo

Nickname: “Mama G”

As the mother figure in the Nigerian movie industry, Patience Ozokwo is fondly referred to as Mama General.