8 Of Weird Jersey Numbers Worn by Footballers

Shirt statistics are a much-anticipated element of a team’s season in a game that is moving away from what happens when a player has the ball in his hands. If a new recruit has taken a certain number, or if a promising young player has fallen further down the pecking order, the squad numbers have lost their conventional significance of 1-11 and can now reveal more about the opinions held about specific individuals.


8. Hicham Zerouali – jersey number 0


It wasn’t long before Aberdeen fans learned that their new Moroccan signing’s name was Mohammed, and they pleaded with him to take the number 0. After the tragic death of Zerouali in a vehicle accident in 2004, the club decided to retire the number in his honor.


7. Wilfried Bony – jersey number 2

Players may find the game difficult if they pick numbers from the wrong positions. Bony chose to wear the number two shirt upon his return to Swansea in 2017 to signify that it was his second stint with the club. Infuriating. In the absence of a two-match suspension for this level of depravity, “Two” should have been issued.


6. Ivan Zamarano – 18 or 1 8

Every week on Sesame Street, the Inter Milan striker presented Italian children with a simple math challenge. The Chilean improvised since Ronaldo, the godlike Brazilian attacker, was assigned his favorite No. 9 shirt.


5. Ronaldo – 99

One of the greatest strikers of all time, without a shadow of doubt. Although he had previously played for top European clubs such as AC Milan and PSV as well as Barcelona and Inter Milan, he joined AC Milan in 2007 and wore jersey number 99 because jersey number 9 was already taken. It’s unclear why he chose that particular number.


4. Trend Anold Alexander-Arnold – 66

Having already won the Champions League as well as the Premier League, Alexander-Arnold is a true two-time champion. Trent, you don’t need to wear number 66. Do the game a favor and select a typical number.


3. Ronaldinho – 80

Ronaldinho was past his prime when he signed for AC Milan in 2008, and his partying habits had become a concern for Barcelona. When Ronaldinho arrived at Milan, he discovered that his preferred number 10 shirt (which was worn by Clarence Seedorf) was unavailable, so he elected to wear the number 80 jersey instead. The amazing Ronaldinho wearing the number 80 shirt still remains a sight that has many admirers questioning his sanity, despite the fact that it marks the year in which he was born.


2. Rogerio Ceni – 618

The 49-year-old goalie has scored more than 100 goals in his career, more than many strikers in today’s top flight football, but he is only a goalkeeper who has scored from penalty spots and free kicks. with the 618 jersey number he wore before a match against Athletico Maneiro. It was on purpose that he wore jersey 618 since it commemorated his record appearances for Sao Paolo that year.


1. Edgar Davids – Jersey number 1


Davids’ unusual shirt number requests were perhaps the best part of a vehicle crash two seasons following another football break with Barnet. The Dutch midfielder chose the number one jersey when he agreed to become player coach in 2012. The goalkeeper’s identification number. Nothing except admiration.