9 Nollywood Stars Who Are Known For Regularly Acting A Particular Movie Role [Photos]

While acting in movies, there is every tendency that an actor would always excel in a particular role. In the Nigerian movie industry, there are numerous actors whose participation or frequent involvement in a particular movie role made them famous.

1. Patience Ozokwor:

During her active days in the movie industry, virtually everyone could guess what role Patience Ozokwor was going to play. The 63-year-old veteran has always excelled when acting as the wicked mother or rather stepmother in movies like ‘submission’, ‘terrible Sin’, and ‘blood sisters’.

2. Nkiru Sylvanus:

Nkiru Sylvanus is a popular Nollywood veteran who has quite gone under the radar in recent years. However, when she acts in movies, you can either be a damsel, princess, or village girl with an uncontrollable flair for crying. This role was highlighted in movies like ‘A Cry for Help’ and ‘Evil Forest’.


3. Camilla Mberekpe:

Similar to patience Ozokwor, Camilla Mberekpe can act as a wicked mother but she mostly excels in the role of a witch. The 61-year-old actress played this role almost perfectly in movies like ‘Oracle’, ‘Oganigwe’, and, ‘Across the Bridge’.

4. Tony Umez:

It’s almost certain that whenever you see Tony Umez taking the lead role in a movie, he might be acting as a son or husband who is easily controlled by his mother or wife. He often acts in movies where he is Bewitched especially in movies like ‘Under Fire’, and ‘Pretender.


5. Kanayo Kanayo:

Whenever you see Kanayo Kanayo in a movie, you can almost guess what role he is playing. Over the years, the movie veteran has excelled while playing the role of a ritualist in movies like ‘The ritual bloodline’, and ‘The fear of no evil’.

6. Peter Fatomilola:

Peter Fatomilola is another Nollywood veteran who isn’t as active as he used to be in the movie industry. However, during his days of acting, he often takes on the role of a chief Priest.

7. Emeka Ani:

Similar to Peter Fatomilola, Emeka Ani is almost the perfect actor for the role of a chief Priest. However, he has also proven to be excellent when acting as a ritualist in movies like ‘Evil Melody’, ‘Adoration Power’, and, ‘Cash and Carry’.


8. Pete Edochie:

Pete Edochie is arguably one of the biggest Nollywood personalities. However, he is popularly known for his role as a king in many movies.

9. Chiwetalu Agu:

Last but not least is Chiwetalu Agu. The Nollywood veteran is undoubtedly one of the most stereotyped actors in Nigeria. However, he became famous for playing the role of a villain, especially as a wicked uncle.