9 Things you need to know before saying yes ( I DO ) to anyone

Love is important, being in a relationship is important but your happiness is everything, do not take it for granted. Before you said yes to anyone make sure you ready for everything.

It takes two to be married, never forget. While you think of all you want in a marriage, know that there are things he wants too. Think of his needs and be ready to give what you expect. Be ready to show care too, be ready to spend time with the family too, be ready to communicate too, be ready to show love and affection too, be ready to do everything you expect in a relationship.

1. In a relationship whether dating or marriage expect unexpected, when you know something may happened, you’ll be ready for it and you will not feel disappointed when such occurred.


2. Everyone wants their relationship end up in marriage but that’s just a dream, in a dating relationship you have to understand not all relationships will lead to marriage. Please accept this fact because that’s a shocking truth.

3. Don’t stay with someone out of pity, if you don’t love someone let the person knows about it, stop being afraid you may end hurting them if you tell them, better you hurt now.

4. If you ready for marriage, don’t waste your time looking for Mr Right or Miss right, nobody is perfect, choose wisely.

5. If you went into relationship and being on receiving side without giving back what you receiving, the relationship will end.

6. No fake promises, please promise what you can easily fulfilled, empty promises without fulfillment can make your partner lose interest in the relationship.

7. One thing you need to consider before entering into a relationship is what kind of boyfriend he is. Well, probably you’ll know this as you go through with your relationship. However, it is also important to know or even just have a hint of what he is, before you enter into the kingdom of love so you won’t have any regret in the end.

8. Have a forgiving heart, everyone makes mistakes expect mistakes from your partner and learn to forgive and forget, if you wrong person, say sorry and apologize.


9. Knowing someone deeply is knowing them very well, every aspect of their life. Remember this person you are going to stay together for the rest of your life. Someone you will confide, listen, love and cherish for the long you will stay alive on earth.


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