Actor Frederick Leonard opens up on his alleged fraudulent activities

Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard has heard enough of his name and reputation being entangled in fraud.

The actor who has been receiving messages from fraud victims about how imposters posing as him scam his fans of their hard-earned money has finally spoken up.

Fed up with the constant draggings and complaints, Freddie, who is currently on vacation, lashed out at the victims.

He opined that victims of internet scams are as guilty as the imposters.

Sharing screenshots of his chats with a female fan, he noted how the lady was almost smart until she chose to be evasive and wanted to play reverse psychology, not knowing that he was on his period today.

He warned his fans and followers to avoid coming to his dm and mail once they got scammed.

“I’m on Holidays so I have the time to attend to some nonsense. I have always said that the victims of internet scam by means of impersonation are as guilty as the imposters. She was almost smart, but then chose to be evasive and wanted to play reverse psychology, not knowing that I’m on my period today. Everyone that got scammed indulged the imposter! If you get scammed (Obviously because you indulged) Do nit come to my mail or dm. Report to the local police/authority in your country, not me. I am not the FBI. I’m a filmmaker”.

Freddie Leonard isn’t the only one to be roped in such a situation.

Music superstar Peter Okoye, known as Mr P of the popular duo, Psquare, had lashed out at fraud victims.

Peter Okoye questioned if fraudsters use charms while carrying out their activities as he can’t seem to understand how they can convince victims to pay for giveaways.

Mr P made this known as he reacted to the rantings of a victim who fell into the hands of fraudsters impersonating the singer.

Taking to Twitter, the victim had dragged the singer to refund him his money.

Raining curses on him, the victim told him to avoid embarrassing himself on the app

Responding to him, Peter noted how a good name was better than a bad name.

Pushing the blames on the victims, he described the as being selfish and greedy.

Peter pointed out how give aways were meant to be free yet they fall victims to fraudsters.

Newsnownaija news recalls Nollywood actor and director Tope Adebayo had bowed to pressure as he spoke about defrauding his business partner.

Tope Adebayo was the topic on the internet for days when a man called him out for allegedly defrauding him of over two million nairas.

The man alleged that Tope Adebayo’s immediate family, including his father, was aware of the scam, but the latter kept posting him without an update.

Reacting to the trends online, Tope Adebayo called out the blog, which reportedly shared the news about him without verification, claiming he did not defraud anyone.

Tope Adebayo disclosed his agreement with his partner in 2019 but could not proceed due to COVID that shook 2020.

Tope Adebayo also revealed that his partner had taken most of the money he contributed to sponsor the project, which later became an issue.

Tope Adebayo, via his Instagram page, extensively disclose how the agreement happened and what led to the disruption in work.