Actress Lola Margaret Opens Up On How She Was Betrayed By A Friend

Nollywood actress Lola Margaret also known as Bisola Alanu has opened up on how she was betrayed by a friend.

The actress was slapped with an illegal drug scandal which almost destroyed her acting career and also tarnish her image. She has however opened up on how a close friend betrayed her.

In an interview with The Sun publication, she said…..

“My greatest regret ever was trusting a friend. But then, all that is in the past now, I have healed already. Honestly, I was just a victim of circumstances, and it took the grace of God for me to get out of it. I took time off social media for my sanity. People out there think they can judge based on hearsay, even when they know nothing about me. But it is what it is…. glory be to God. Handling scandals is not an easy thing. But when you did not do what you are accused of, you know how it feels… But it takes the grace of God to get out of