All You Need To Know About The New Fashion Trends Of Chika Ike

Chika Ike Popularly identified by her fans as Chika is a gifted Nollywood Actress who got into acting at a young age and earned her fame in the movie industry.

Chika Ike is among the Nigerian superstars who are fashion lovers and don’t joke about wearing beautiful /attractive attires. The beautiful-looking actress has proven to have a good fashion sense, which below are fascinating /colorful moments which she slew perfectly in numerous dresses.


The corporate attire she wore above is an extraordinary and excellent style, which can help as inspiration to fashionistas. She wore a white short-sleeved top, coupled with the nice design of her stomach, necklaces, a blue skirt, a silver wristwatch, and a white shoe. Her style of outfit is professional and remarkable.

To prove she has a good sense of fashion, we can see how the color and design of the outfit, did well to complement her skin tone, by giving her an elegant impression.

Her closet collection is beautiful and should be an inspiration to young women, who are fashion lovers. The creativity is good and her black hairstyle also did nice work to beautify her appearance. Such attires can be worn to social gatherings like birthday parties, dates, and the wearer looks decent.