Anita Joseph Scold A Man Who Accused Her Of Hypnotizing Her Husband For Doing This

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has scolded a man who accused her of hypnotizing her husband MC Fish for helping her with her shoes.

Anita shared a photo of her husband helping her with her shoes gushing over him calling him a true king for doing that effortlessly since 2017 and doesn’t care whether someone is watching him or not.

A gentleman named Prince reacting to that thought it wasn’t ordinary for MC Fish to be doing that hence accusing Anita of hypnotizing him saying she’s using him because it’s not an ordinary love.

Replying to the man, Anita Joseph pitied and scolded him saying because he doesn’t do and will never do it, when his fellow man is doing it he’s saying it’s no ordinary love.

Screenshot below;