Broda Shaggi finally reacts after his Ex Girlfriend set to Release his Tape After Dumping Her [Photos]

Nigerian comedian Broda Shaggi has reacted after a lady identified as Adewale spicy has called out him out for allegedly taking advantage of her and dumping her.

This comes after Broad Shaggi, while reacting to a post on an Instagram blog, claimed he is a virgin, no woman will ever see his nakedness and would only sleep with a woman after marriage.

His post reads: The same thing I’ve always said. Till marriage. No woman will see my nakedness. Please bear with me. my decision, my choice.

Broda Shaggi seemed to be joking with the comment, but Adewale Spicy called out the comedian for lying about being a virgin a few hours later.

Adewale Spicy said she and Broda Shaggi repeatedly had sex, including anal sex, adding that she has video proof of her claims.

According to the lady, Broda Shaggi called their relationship a quit and stopped picking her calls and messages because of another girl.

She wrote: “Dating someone like shaggi is on unexplainable…. why would you lie to me that you love me just to get under my pan.ts…. and here you’re lying to people that you’re still a virgin who does that.

we had sex almost all the time and still request for an@l sx and I gave it to you, here you are lying to people that you’re still a virgin, who? I have prove and the video I made. I go choke you.

After taking advantage of me just because you’re tired of the relationship you stop picking your calls and you ignore your text message, just because you’re dating another girl …”

Reacting to the post, Broda Shaggi still made a joke about the post refuting the claims that he is not a virgin and requested God’s help.

He wrote: Leemao. Oya I’m not a virgin anymore . God epp us ….. Werey say Anal …… analytics ni wahala ear and dear