Celebrities Who Returned To School Despite The Fame And Wealth They Have Acquired

✓Megan Jovon Pete


Megan is an American rapper who rose to fame in 2017. Irrespective of the achievements she has made throughout her career, she still pursued education and earned a bachelor’s degree in health administration in 2021.


✓Alex Ekubo


In 2008, actor Alex, acquired a degree in Law. Not long after that, he returned to school and earned a degree in theater arts. In August 2021, Alex bagged a doctorate degree in arts and culture.

✓Kim Kardashian

Business magnate and socialite, Kim Kardashian, made a name for herself in the industry years ago, but is striving to become a lawyer.


✓Kanayo O. Kanayo


Nigerian actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, didn’t let his dream of becoming a lawyer fade away. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in Law in September, 2020 at the age of 58.

✓Florence Otedola


Florence aka Cuppy, a Nigerian DJ, celebrated her admission into a university in London, in October, 2021. This comes after she earned a master’s degree in music business in 2015.