Cuppy Is Getting So Big! -DJ Cuppy Shares New Photo Of Lion Named After Her

Billionaire daughter DJ Cuppy has taken to social media to share photos of a white lion that has been named after her.

Dj Cuppy was excited to see the the lion again after she first set her eyes on it in 2019. The lion had grown massively since they met in 2019.

In 2019, she shared a video of herself feeding the lion and wrote:

“Introducing the world to “Cuppy” the newest baby lion named after ME by @Sb_Belhasa owner of @Fame.Park. I’ve always wanted to be a mother!”

She recently shared a photo of the lion and wrote:

“How it started vs. How it’s going �� … Cuppy is getting SO big! #MamaCups,” she wrote.

See screenshot: