Dangote Bribed Me $15,000 And 2500 To Deny Ever Knowing Him – Dangote’s Side Chick

The Nigerian billionaire’s alleged high school girl, Autumn Spikes, showed her teeth to Dangote and his lawyers in a new post on social media.

Autumn Spike, who uses the identifier Allarounda1 on Instagram, was accused of damaging Dangote’s reputation after he shared photos and videos showing his butt in what appeared to be post-s*x encounters.

On her Instagram page, Allarounda alleged that she was offered huge sums of money to keep her mouth shut about her affair with the richest man in Africa, but she refused and, according to her, Dangote denied having met her lawyers.

I was insultingly offered 15k and 2500 a month to sign a confidentiality agreement, but I refused.

I obtained legal advice in which we contradicted your offer. Note that your first initial offering was not disclosed in the terms of your proposed NDA.

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