Destiny Etiko shakes her backside as she pays homage to Pete Edochie (Video)

In the recent video that Destiny Etiko posted on her instagram page, she was seen alongside Nkechi Blessing kneeling before Pete Edochie.


Nkechi Blessing and Destiny Etiko’s fans can’t help but react to the clip because both of them are one of the most curvaceous actresses in the Nigeria Movie Industry.


As soon as Destiny Etiko and Nkechi Blessing realised that Pete Edochie has arrived, both of them ran as fast as they could so that they can pay homage to the legendary actor.

It was Destiny Etiko that got to the actor first and she knelt down immediately to greet him.


Watch the video.

Nkechi Blessing who can’t wait to also pay homage to Pete Edochie was heard jokingly saying;

“I want to kidnap Destiny’s daddy. Daddy I’m your new daughter sir, let me start from here”.

“Sir, my heart is beating. Destiny is enough”.

“Destiny take your turn let me come and greet Daddy”

“Celebrate grace somebody, celebrate grace o!”

“I’m honouring the legendary, daddy, Pete Edochie o! Jesus. Daddy hug me very well”.


Destiny Etiko’s fans has taken to her Instagram comment section to share their opinions about the video, as some of her fans noticed how she was shaking her backside while holding Pete Edochie”.