‘Did she do surgery?’ – Fans react to Davido’s baby mama, Chioma’s new body | Video

Social media users have reacted differently to how Davido’s baby mama, Chioma looks in the new video she shared on Instagram.

In the video, the mother of one was seen looking all dressed for an event. Chioma’s trimmed and sexy body in her outfit got tongues wagging on social media and many have speculated that she might have done liposuction surgery.

Watch the video below;

See some of the comments the video generated below;

@lady_e_b wrote “Did she do surgery?? Someone told me but am doubting it, what do I know sef.”

@kechbabe wrote “Looks real to me even if she got a little work done, job done well.”

@ispeakfacts22 wrote “Did she do surgery?”

@tochukwujoyce wrote “No surgery at all ..check out her abdomen still chubby …she added some calories ..”

@being_ngodoo wrote “Chioma has always been shapely. She only had big tummy. But her waist trainer is helping out”

@etinosa_sere wrote “If you follow her stories on iG and her besties own you’d know she works out and she’s always on waist trainer. Don’t carry fake news please,the babe is working on her body doesn’t mean she went under the knife haba”

@cynthiabrightney wrote “I was doubting u initially but its verified, she worked on her body and i love the new body mehn…. so hawwwttttt”

@debi_oka4or wrote “No pls o don’t think so her body is real she was just so chubby back then guess she lost weight and having a baby would make u have ass and boobs”

@ayoola874 wrote “Her body looks real to me but what do I know. Nevertheless she looks amazing! She’s been constantly trolled for the past couples of weeks. Her body is beautiful”