Do You Still Remember Merlin? He Is Now A Grown Man With Beards. See Photos Of him

Colin Morgan is an actor who is famously known for the role he played in the Television Movie titled “Merlin”. He is popularly known as “Merlin” being his name in the role he played in the movie. He is from Ireland. He was born in 1886. He has attracted many awards specifically for the part he played in Merlin.

His father is Bernard, a painter and decorator, and his mother Bernadette a nurse. He is the younger of the two brothers given birth to by his parents.

Morgan is a vegetarian, he does not involve himself in social media lifestyle.

Apart from the movie “Merlin”, Morgan has also featured in many other movies and Television series like; Venon God Little, All my sins, A prayer for my daughter, The Tempest, The fall, The crown, Legend and many others.

He was 16 years old when he featured in Merlin. His favourite Episode is the Last DragonLord.

Since he acted Merlin years back, some people might not have seen how much “Merlin” Colin Morgan have grown.

Here are pictures of Merlin, He is now a grown man with beards. See how far he has grown:

Photo credits: Popsugar, Facebook, IMDb, Collider, Metro.


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