Female NYSC Member Celebrates Her Sawyer Dad For Seeing To It That She Had The Best Education

A female NYSC member has taken to social media to celebrate her father.

The lady is celebrating her father who is a sawyer for seeing to it that she had the best education and subsequently going ahead to complete her education successfully.

Taking to her Facebook handle, she shared some photos and videos of herself and her father and added the caption;

“Memory that can not be wiped😔😔😔😰😰😰Th is is where we get our daily bread ,this is also where my school fees came from,right from nursery School to university level🙎🤦🤦🤦 chai! Daddy I owe you a lot😭😭😭😭this was what you went through all this years Just to make sure that I am educated?? oh my God!😢😢😢I thought it was easy not until I handled the machine 🥺🥺🥺 and my whole being started vibrating immediately 😣😣😣then i know that our parents undergo a lot.May God bless our parents 🙏🙏