God Is Great: Look At Photos Of This Young Boy After Doctors Did Surgery On His Legs

This young boy was suffering from a birth defect or according to another source a Polio infect often suffered by African Children who do not receive vaccinations shuns Polio.



As he grew up, he learned to live with his legs bent backward which makes it very difficult for him to walk and get things done. He ha(to support himself with a stick to ensure that he is able to move from different places.



However, through the help of some foreigner, the boy was able to get medical attention and therapy. The doctors played with him and cheered him up in preparation for the surgery, promising him that his legs will be okay when they are done with the surgery.


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After the surgery, truly the boy thought it had failed because he was not able to walk properly for a couple of days, after which he began to make moves and the nurses helped him get acquainted with walking because he has never done it before. 



But slowly, the boy began to heal in his legs and soon he was able to stand on both legs and walk on its own without any support from stick or humans. Even though his legs were slighted bowed after the surgery, they work perfectly for him anytime he wants to stand, walks or even run a little.

This miraculous healing of the young boy was posted on facebook, and like most other posts it generated lots of emotional comments from facebook users, who sympathised and thanked God for the boy.

See photo after the surgery:

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