Group Petitions Ministry of Justice and Information To Ban Facebook Permanently In Nigeria (VIDEO)

A group has petitioned the Ministry of Justice and Information to have Facebook permanently banned in Nigeria.

The group, which held placards outside the Ministry of Justice, accused Facebook of limiting remarks on the platform while making a fortune in the country.

The group’s spokesperson also claimed that his reach on the platform had been restricted, and that the social media giant needed to be “addressed to in a language they understand.”

Watch the video below………


See reactions from Nigerians;

vectorthaviper wrote; “There is a pattern.

colaman_official wrote; “I have banned Facebook by myself by permanently deleting my account. My brother you can easily do the same. Nobody forced you to open a Facebook account”

queenbethia wrote; “What is this acute stupidity existing in Nigeria these days??? The might as well ban electricity and schools too! What a mess of a country!”

mrcart3r9 wrote; “They have changed format. They want it to look like some of the youths are the ones clamoring for Facebook to be banned😂😂 awon wereys”

theikireguy wrote; “They are killing their family and they are trying to shut the breaking news app down 😂😂😂 may God heal you guys”