Healthcare officials called out for making videos and laughing while Rico needed urgent medical attention.

Some nurses have been called out for their lackadaisical attitude toward reality TV star, Rico Swavey, who was admitted to their hospital in Lagos.

In a video making the rounds online, Rico is seen sitting in a chair receiving oxygen as the staff decides how to transfer him to the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Rico Swavey in the hospital

A nurse laughed as she heard one of them say, “Oya, make we carry am now go inside.” Another nurse commented, “He is 90% oxygen. Stop making videos, and let’s relocate him instead. You’re filming while someone is in a serious situation.”

Since then, the video has aroused uproar on social media, with some users demanding the immediate removal of the staff members who ought to have handled the matter with the utmost professionalism.

Watch the video here:

Recall that Rico Swavey died today, October 13, a few days after being hurt in a horrific accident in Lagos.