“I Didn’t Know You Had Cleared Our Bills Untill You Left” Lizzy Apologises To A Fan


Nollywood actress and skitmaker, Adeyela Adebola popularly known as Lizzy Jay or Omo Ibadan has tendered an apology to a die-hard fan of hers who she treated unkindly.

The Yoruba actress revealed that she was at ICM on Sunday, July 31st when a staunch fan of hers offered to pay for her food and drinks, including that of her sisters.

However, she didn’t remember to appreciate him or her for the sweet gesture.

Giving excuses for her behavior, she stated that she wasn’t informed of his/her thoughtful act until he/she left.

Appreciating the fan, she prayed for more blessings.

“I was at ICM today, and someone paid for my food and drink, including my sister’s, at Rhapsody, if you are the one, I am sorry I didn’t get to say thank you cos I didn’t know you had cleared our bills until you left,… Thank you so much I really appreciate you, may God bless you and enrich your pocket, I and my sister are so grateful to you. If you can see this please kindly send a dm or drop a comment”.

newsnownaija recalls Lizzy Jay had cried for help over a spiritual issue she claimed to have with eating.

The entertainer took to her social media handle to lament over her inability to eat, saying that normally, she eats a lot and was only unable to eat if there was a spiritual issue.

According to Lizzy Jay, even if she was in the middle of a tribulation, she will eat, and there was nothing that can prevent her from eating.

However she said that for the past ten days she had been unable to eat, as she lacked the appetite to eat any food.

She, therefore, pleaded with anyone who she might have offended that had done something spiritual to stop her from eating to please forgive her and release her from the bondage she had found her.

“Please pray for me 🙏🙏…I can’t eat 😫 😩” she captioned the post.

See her post below:

This got her fans talking. See some reactions below:

@Ola: “It’s nothing my dear, all thanks to God.”

@Kira: “How sure are you that the person is here on Instagram? It could just be a random person who has seen you on television, and felt like helping out.”

@Deborah: “This is huge. More blessings to the giver.”

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