I Hope He Can Carry Your Baby – Simi Tells Adakunle Gold After Calling CR7 As His Forever And Ever

Songstress Simi has indirectly given her husband Adekunle Gold an ultimatum to choose between her and his favorite Christiano Ronaldo saying she hopes he can carry his child.

Simi reacting to a post of Adekunle Gold labeling his favorite football star Christiano Ronaldo as his forever and ever indirectly gave him an ultimatum by asking whether Christiano Ronaldo can carry his child for him.

According to Simi, she hopes Christiano Ronaldo can carry Adekunle Gold’s child for him since he is his forever and ever and not her indirectly asking him to choose between her and CR7 who should be his forever and ever.

Simi failed to understand that Adekunle Gold’s post of CR7 being his forever and ever only has to do with the football world and not his life as she is and will always be his forever and ever in his life since they are husband and wife.

It could also be that Simi is aware and understood the tweet very well but then just want to pull the legs of her husband Adekunle Gold by indirectly asking him to choose between her and CR7 who to be his forever and ever.

This reply of Simi to Adekunle Gold’s post got a lot of reaction from netizens as some agreed with Simi and backed her up with their own instances while others ask her to take it easy because the post is only valid in the football world.

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